About Us

Hello dear visitor,

We are happy that you want to know more about us, the people behind the brand and the company!
Our story goes back to the times when the founder was a young child.
This was a time when my father showed me all the interresting stuff out there in the garden and he also introduced me to the world of growing.
He also showed me how to grow plants. Guess which plants were the first ones that i grew?
Sunflowers and Pumpkins! They were grown in one of those 30x15cm sized little greenhouses. 
Some time went by as I grew up, lived life, went to parties and all that stuff.
As I passed my twenties, however, I went back to my roots and started growing again and reconnected with nature!
Studied Horticulture & Business management in the Netherlands, working as a consultant in different companies. To this day, I still work as an energy consultant, growing herbs and microgreens for restaurants. I have no problem to get my hands dirty on soil! 
But there was something missing. Since I was a kid I loved sunflowers and the spirit they radiate.
The idea of creating a shop that offers products which broadcast the spirit of sunflowers was born and has started to grow.

And now we are here - The Happysunflower!

Welcome to our shop!
in name of our colleagues and in my name,
Robin Lehmann - founder of Happysunflower

The Happysunflower Shop

We are a little team of responsible and passionated humans.
We are here to make a positive impact on the world and people's life.
We are here to enlighten your life, bring about a smile, and make you happy!
The Happysunflower shop is located in Brandenburg, Germany.
This is where we handle all the logistics, doing think tanks and testing new products.
Well choosen from suppliers around the globe, we deliver a wide range of beautiful, noble and cute sunflower related products to your home.

Our Philosophy

We love Sunflowers...
.. that is why we pay attention to environmentally friendly and sustainable production. Nature, health and wealth are just as important for us as high safety standards and convenience for our customers, as we offer worldwide free shipping!

We aim to be the most customer-friendly shop among all providers in the market. Exemplary service and customer orientation are obligations for all our employees and build the focus of our actions.

We believe in the positive effect that sunflowers have on people!

One smile that you share makes two smiles.

Our Vision & Mission

Our goal is as simple but important at the same time.

We want you to be happy.

We are on a mission to bring as many people long lasting smiles in their face and provide the spirit of sunflowers to people and their homes around the globe.


Dorfstraße 23
16845 Dessow, Germany
Mon - Fri, 10am - 6pm
Saturday, 11am - 1pm

Phone:       +4915254067025
Whatsapp: +4915254067025
E-mail:      info@happysunflowershop.com


Thanks to all the people that helped along the way of making Happysunflower!