How to grow sunflowers

Step ➀

Put some damp soil in a plastic cup so it comes up almost to the top. 
Then poke your finger in the soil to make a hole for your sunflower seed.
The soil should be loos and breathable.

Step ➁

Drop a sunflower seed into the hole.
Cover it with a little soil layer of 3-5cm. 
Spray or sprinkle some water on top and keep the soil moist (Not wet!).
The temperature should be round about 20-25 °C.


Step ➂

Put the cup on a sunny windowsill.
You could plant a seed in some more cups too if you like, to see which one grows best.
Spray the soil with water whenever it feels dry (keep the soil moist!).

Step ➃

Your plant should pop up through the soil after about 1 or 2 weeks.
Now just wait and let it grow. :) 
Important: Water your sunflower not too much! Just keep the soil moist.

Step ➄

When your plants grow too big for the cups, plant them in bigger flowerpots.
You could put the pots in a sunny spot outside.
The temperature can be now depending on where you life from 15-35 °C. Just make sure it is not below 15 °C at night.

Step ➅

Your plant should flower after about 8-14 weeks.
(Depending on the variety)


Step ➆

When the sunflower heads start to turn brown, cut them off and hang them somewhere dry and airy. When the seeds are dry, rub them together to loosen them.
Birds can eat your seeds if you leave them in the garden.
Save a few seeds to grow more sunflowers in the following year!

Step ➇

Share some seeds with your friends & family. :)